Mar 272012

This quiz will give you some idea of whether you are the type of person that should consider running your own business. It is not to say that a positive outcome is a recipe for success, but rather an indication of whether you are at least showing entrepreneurial characteristics.

This is your own test and needs to be conducted with 100% honesty to ensure the result is accurate.

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  48 Responses to “Entrepreneurship quiz”

  1. There is thin line between success and failure. To succeed is to achieve what “you” always wanted and failure is achieving the wrong goal or what society expects from you. Be yourself, if you not an entrepreneur you not an entrepreneur. No need to beat yourself up.

  2. improvise+adapt+ability+creatity= success

    the price of hard work is quite vivid, because God put me here for one purpose to live a Legacy, i want to learn and keep learning and keep the flames of education burning, to be succeeding. because determination, passion, dedication and discipline = successful living damn fine living. because success is not what you have but a way of living.

  3. Life without risk is boring but make sure that you risk what’s worth it. Entrepreneurship is all about visions,challenges, sacrifices, risks, dedication etc. Let’s change our nation!!

  4. Great tool indeed. Time to move on and be independent. 28/45.

  5. Best things in life are free, especially if you work hard for them!

  6. Yes i want to have my own business, the quiz is helpful there are opportunities out there someone must grap them

  7. This quiz has definitely reassured me about what I have always known that I have that business brain.

  8. Did u say the next Maponya? I think u hit the nail on the head, as an aspiring social enterpreneur, SA will have a reason to know my whole name.

  9. The survey is a good excesize and l am happy that l got 36 that means l am creative and l will come up with new ideas that can create jobs.

  10. Now is the time, I have left legacy in every employer I had work for and now its time to take it to higher heights.

  11. The quizz is very interesting and can give one a reflection as to whether he is really a risk taker and entrepreneural.

  12. 37/45…..not so bad for an aspiring CA student from UKZN. Great way to encourage a spirit of entrepreneurship.

    see potential
    take action
    enable progress.

  13. I feel like the quizz was so great in a sense that the options that were there we so helpful inorder for me to see if am too good to be an entrepreneur or i need a bit of mentoring before i tackle entrepreneurs duties

  14. I’ve been doing precisely what my answers were and more for the last 6 years. Entrepreneurship … I believe it’s the new models we bring to the fore in an environment crying for change from all aspects and walks of life which will pull people, this country and AFRICA at large together.

    I see the way franchising is set up changing radically and the old models give way to models which are based on “Earn, Learn & Own” business principles which offer an alternative to what is commonly known as “Affirmative Action” or those other words with all the B’s and E’s in them.

    Surely there are ways in which we can create a balance and address the issue of Economic Empowerment through opportunity rather than keeping a destructive cycle going on and on. Entrepreneurs will eventually give reason for business to be a unifying factor among men in the way that sport can.


  15. Thank you. The quiz was awesome. I am hard working and determined to win

  16. The result just confirmed my thoughts axactly.I’m willing to work and work till dawn just as long as i can see returns in the end.Working for myself and nobody else. Dont mind to be stressed out as long as its for my benefit. I work smarter not harder.

  17. if though it may seem so difficult to achieve a goal. I believe you will eventually achieve it. You only need a plan, hardwork and a little bit of luck.

  18. Mhhh…..born as enterprenuer….time to fly….

  19. I really enjoy the questions and it make s me to move on & On & On & On & On with my small Business

  20. good stuff

  21. I am very excited with this quiz it tests the integrity of the individual how business intellectually cope with the micro and macro economics in our environment inorder achieve business sustainability.

    I left my salaried job and began my own company. Still alot to learn and everyday is an opportunity to do just that!

    • Ravi Moodley I recommend your courageous move into entreprenueral world. I wish you well in making a big buck, and grow from strength to formidable new small business success in your mission.

  23. Erm, I don’t want to be a downer, but are they saying that if you score more than 15 you will be a good entrepeneur? Coz that’s just 33% pass mark? Not a pass by most standards. Also, the questions are very ‘go against the system’ biased – but just because you hate your boss and hate working in a structured office, it doesn’t mean that you will be a good manager of your own business. You might be a good ideas man, but can you follow through with good business practices, like balancing the books, setting up routines and policies, and knowing when NOT to take the risk? Bit simplistic test really. BUT: those who commented all share PASSION, and if you’ve got that, then you will push through that boring admin and those finance meetings. The comments have inspired me way more than the test result!

  24. 41/45 not surprised, started when I was 19 and have an airline start up in the ME and management thereof for 9 years under the belt. moving into new challenges.

  25. I believe the quiz will determine for me as i need a serious bussiness

  26. I tried to send a comment earlier but it di not go through hope this gets through, i am fond of taking risks calculated often but that doesnt mean they equate to what was initially endeavoured desires. But that doesnt stop me from continuing its quite rewarding and fulfilling when the risks yield great turnover be it emotional or actual monitary.

    Times are changing the world is on its back ad so are we soon we will be on our hands and knees – GET READY TO STAND UP AD DONT GET LEFT BEHIND WHEN MOTHER EARTH SHAKES OFF THE DUST AND STARTS FORGING ON WHICH I BELIEVE WILL BE AT A SPEED GREATER THAN ANY WE’VE KNOWN. May GOD bless us as entreprenuers in all our means that are to the benefit of his creation.

  27. I am a self motivated somebody,aiming to start somewhere for my success. And also going an extra mile for my dreams to come true.

  28. Running a small business, especially in the rural parts of the country is difficult as there are scarce resources and we are competing for the same resources and clients. However, at the end of the day, its a fulfiling experience, knowing YOU did it, on your own terms!

  29. Fair and fantastic Questionare

  30. Am a young enterprenuear


  32. Nice tool if Enterprise development units can implemented this tool at their work of space as to eliminate tenderpreneurship from the real ones.

  33. yipppppppppppppppeeeeeeeee

  34. 36 – I Should have become a musician ; -) But I love what I do.

  35. nice tool, is it a psychometric one!!!lol

  36. Having your own business is hard work. Main thing we battled with initially is switching off when at home and not at the office. Now we are able to seperate the 2 and have balance. We have been through a really challenging time since the recession. Patience, perseverance and resilience are our key skills acquired during this period. We know what it means to feel “fully alive”. all the best to other entrepreneurs out there…

  37. 38/45

    Improvise , adapt and overcome !

  38. What score did you get?